legal project management

Kevin Griener leverages his experience as both a law firm practitioner and in-house counsel for an international firm to offer Legal Project Management services for corporate clients.

Legal Project Management applies the principles of project management to the supervision and oversight of legal cases and matters. In the business world, the complexity of regulatory requirements often means that a single corporation may have to address multiple legal matters at any one time. Legal project management services help control both risk and cost, and address the organization’s need to maximize the value it gets from its legal budget. Legal Project Management may be particularly useful for smaller firms that might benefit from general counsel service, but can’t justify having a full-time lawyer on staff.

Managing portfolios of legal cases is more concerned with monitoring the work of other counsel, rather than actually executing the work. Effective Legal Project Management requires an excellent working knowledge of legal issues as well as specialized skills needed to manage the scope, schedule, and budget of multiple projects.

Legal Project Management is just one of the services we provide as part of our commitment to delivering exceptional quality, a client-centered focus, and an innovative approach to addressing client needs. We’re on the leading edge of this emerging trend and are one of the first law firms in Timmins and across Northern Ontario to offer these services.

1. Achieves better cost certainty
2. Improves communication between management and counsel
3. Facilitates alternate billing arrangements
4. Enables management to focus on issues related to core competencies
5. Improves quality and efficiency of outside counsel services

Legal Project Management